An Act of God – Going well, but have to keep the pressure on.

Last time I wrote here I’d said it was head down and full steam ahead, and it was for the most part. I’ve made some pleasing progress on ‘An Act of God’ – part 2 of the Daniel Miller trilogy. When writing a book, it’s difficult to know how far you’re through a 1st draft and although I’d said the plot was complete, it’s true to say it’s never really so. Even when a book is published and on a shop shelf a writer is never really 100% satisfied with the ‘finished’ product. The mind continuously works behind the scenes looking to add and improve both what’s gone before and what may lie ahead. But if one were to dilly and dally, then the ‘finished’ product would never see a shop shelf so what would be the point of it all?! Even as I type, I’m thinking of Daniel and how disillusioned he has become with his life eleven years after he escaped Stalingrad; it’s here where we pick the story up again. But enough of that, dare I give away too much so early on!

I’ve been reading a little over the past few months and understanding better how some of the great modern day novelists introduce their new characters. They’re not simply lavish affectations placed here and there within a book, but are introduced carefully to bring depth to the story, and so it is with ‘An Act of God’. As it’s a decade after the first instalment, some characters have sadly passed on while Daniel’s life has become enriched by those who’ve crossed his path.

So for now, it’s full steam ahead. Happy  2017 to all.